Accelerate Adoption of a Safe CVDTx with Regulatory & Pricing Clarity, Clinical Evidence to Serve Our Patients Beyond a Pill

The 4th Commercializing Clinically Validated Digital Therapeutics Summit returns in December of 2021 as the only industry-led meeting deep-diving on stakeholder alliance and partnership to accelerate DTx scalability, to enable building sustainable & viable business models.

DTx is happening, and happening fast on a global scale. The amount of investment continues to surge, and is expected to reach $15,176m in 2027. Following the pandemic, with more emphasis on digital medicine, telemedicine, and decentralized clinical trials, DTx adoption has peaked. Now is the time to join with key stakeholders across regulatory, pricing, physician engagement, real world evidence, commercial functions, patient adherence and adoption to combat the challenges and ensure delivery of cutting edge DTx to your patients.

Furthermore, the pandemic has been the major catalyst to DTx adoption with tremendous benefits brought to patients, physicians for treatment, and remote clinical trials that made 2021 an inflection point for the DTx industry.

Across 3 days covering extensive and valuable content, we will bring together expert speakers to share their data on case studies of lessons learnt and keys to success, as well as insights into venturing into effective partnerships. This will give you the tools to conquer your most crucial challenges and accelerate sustainable scalability and adoption of your digital therapeutic.

Whether you are a drug, med device or a DTx developer, this is your must-attend event in 2021. Hear from your peers’ journeys and lessons learned, and re-engage in the long awaited dialogue to generate clinical and RWE, in order to serve our patients in need beyond just a pill!

2021 Partners:

World-Class Speaker Faculty Includes:

Andy Molnar


Digital Therapeutics Alliance

Anouk Veldman

Global Commercial & Digital Health Lead


Chris Wasden

Head of HappifyDTx

Happify Health

Danielle Fau

Advisor for Technology & Innovation


Sylvain Moreno

Special Advisor to VP & International, Simon Fraser University, CEO

Digital Health Circle

Abhishek Shah

Co-Founder & CEO

Wellthy Therapeutics

Bruce Elliot

Co-Founder & CEO

Memory Lane Games Limited

Dario Motti

Global Principal Scientist, Digital Health Technologies


Edouard Gasser

Co-Founder & CEO

Tilak Healthcare

Everett Crosland

Chief Commercial Officer

Cognito Therapeutics

What Did Past Attendees Have To Say?

“Clinically Validated Digital Therapeutics was one of the most worthwhile conferences I've been to in a long time. There were excellent speakers, debates and it was a pleasure to attend”

Senior Global Digital Director, GSK


“Right of the bat, the inaugural conference on ‘Clinically Validated Digital Therapeutics’ brought together a high quality, deeply engaged audience that is at the core of the Digital Therapeutics movement”
Head of Digital Therapeutics, Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research


“Best networking ever!”

Chief Medical Officer, Tilak Healthcare


“The event brought together leaders from the digital therapeutics space and enabled everyone to have an open and honest discussion about the challenges we're facing, and importantly, how to come together and positively shape our industry!”

Founder & Managing Director, Volar Health