Design, Develop & Deliver Clinically Validated Digital Therapeutics to Patients in Need, Now

As the world opens up to digital health, now is the time to design, develop & deliver clinically validated digital therapeutics to patients in need. Back for its 3rd year, the Clinically Validated Digital Therapeutics Summit will unite more stakeholders than ever before. Explore newcomers in the world of DTx, showcasing never before shared case studies. This meeting will solely focus on the actionable uses of digital therapeutics to deliver radically improved patient outcomes.

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Integrating brand new lessons learned from the COVID 19 pandemic, the 2020 summit will drive the DTx industry forward with case studies that tackle a multitude of disease areas and therapeutic modalities, from prescription and chronic disease management to care bundles, concomitant therapy and preventive medicine. Covering the full spectrum, the 2020 summit will address challenges around clinical trials, regulatory approval, reimbursement and value application in healthcare.

Featured Speakers

What Did Past Attendees Have To Say?

“Clinically Validated Digital Therapeutics was one of the most worthwhile conferences I've been to in a long time. There were excellent speakers, debates and it was a pleasure to attend”

Senior Global Digital Director, GSK


“Right of the bat, the inaugural conference on ‘Clinically Validated Digital Therapeutics’ brought together a high quality, deeply engaged audience that is at the core of the Digital Therapeutics movement”
Head of Digital Therapeutics, Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research


“Best networking ever!”

Chief Medical Officer, Tilak Healthcare


“The event brought together leaders from the digital therapeutics space and enabled everyone to have an open and honest discussion about the challenges we're facing, and importantly, how to come together and positively shape our industry!”

Founder & Managing Director, Volar Health