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Digital Pricing

* Please note: If you are a UK or EU-based company, you may be subject to 20% VAT in addition to the price advertised. If you qualify for a reverse charge, you will have the option to provide your VAT number and the charge will be automatically deducted at checkout.

Industry Pricing - Drug Developer or Digital Therapeutics Companies

 Package Standard Price
 Conference Only $1,469

Vendor Pricing - Digital Health Solution Provider

 Package Standard Price
 Conference Only $2,169

Academic Pricing - Registrants working at academic and healthcare institutions

 Package Standard Price
 Conference Only $1,189


• 10% discount – 3 delegates
• 15% discount – 4 delegates
• 20% discount – 5 or more delegates

*To qualify for group discounts, all passes must be purchased at the same time. Group discounts will automatically be applied at checkout if registering online. A customer service representative will be in touch within one working day to confirm your registration. Full T&Cs apply...