8.00 – 17.00 EST | 5.00 – 14.00 PST

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8:30 am Login to Morning Coffee Room

9:20 am Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Anouk Veldman Global Commercial & Digital Health Lead, AstraZeneca

Developing a Patient-Centric DTx

9:30 am Designing a User-Friendly, Human Centric DTx


• Addressing the discussion that user experience is global and regulation is local to design a user-friendly DTx that successfully reaches your audience
• Adapting to your patients – rethinking our approach and understand the inverse correlation between apps people love vs clinically validated apps
• Harnessing technology to transform challenges of DTx: gamification and frustration-free design for engagement and adherence with dementia patients and their carers

10:00 am How to Enhance Patient Engagement Post-Launch?


• Addressing the need for push notifications to promote adherence and protecting brand image – it’s a balancing act
• Exploring patient engagement and education programs to demonstrate clinical effectiveness of your DTx
• Delivering personalized care: preventing patients from feeling like a ‘’cog in a machine’’ to ensure their healthcare journey is unique and retention levels remain high
• Deploying the right tactics and partnership programs through physicians and patient advocacy groups to increase patient retention

10:30 am Panel Discussion


Discuss the the significance of clinician engagement in the DTx industry, and whether clinicians and allied professionals have to play beyond acting as gatekeepers or navigators. Where is their value placed?

11:15 am Morning Speed Networking Break

Accelerating DTx Commercialization & Scale Up

11:45 am How to Create Win-Win Partnerships Between Pharma & Digital Therapeutic Companies


• Assessing the value of RWE generation to gain the best position for building partnerships in the industry
• Addressing the value of data collection for pharma companies: the power of data
• Seizing the augmentation approach and how to successfully use DTx to extend product lifecycle for a drug
• Exploring how biopharma and DTx are commercializing together to leverage opportunities and pain points

12:15 pm Securing Return on Investment Formula to Ensure a Sustainable Business Model Post-Launch

  • Brendon Hale VP, Health & Market Outcomes Research, Penumbra


• How can we find the right formula for ROI for DTx to ensure a sustainable business?
• From funding to standing on your own two feet: defining a robust scaleup strategy and plan during Ph3 trial
• It’s the chicken and the egg problem: how do you demonstrate bigger term on return on investment if you don’t have the payer paying for it
• Long-term portfolio and product level planning – success stories to avoid pitfalls
• Encountering the challenges of no well-understood process for ROI: gaining trust and building relationships with investors

12:45 pm Digital-Augmented Therapies : A DTx Opportunity for Pharmaceutical Companies


• As innovating in pharma becomes increasingly complex, pharma needs
to find beyond-the-pill solutions to protect their asset and create more value for end-users
• Voluntis is developing digitally-augmented therapies, blending DTx and Rx drugs together for improved patient & HCP treatment experience
• Digitally-augmented therapies are value drivers for pharma on multiple aspects and fit well with the connected, decentralized model of care that we can expect in the short-term

1:15 pm Networking Lunch


Network with your peers over lunch

2:15 pm Optimize Your DTx HCP Marketing & Patient Engagement


• How can DTx clinician educational programs encourage patient engagement and market awareness?
• What are healthcare providers looking for and where do they fit in – addressing the challenges of monitoring patients at home while using a DTx and turning this into an advantage

2:45 pm Building Scalable & Sustainable Business Models


• Venturing into the markets and identifying which are best to launch in
• Utilizing strategic marketing to get your information out there and reaching your audience
• Debating the pros and cons: the country to country vs global approach
• Stepping into the industry – where does DTx fit into healthcare?
• Swapping out pills for digital algorithms: establishing scalable business models to deliver care to people who need it most in 2022
• Analyzing the facts: is minimal contact therapy with automated apps a viable business model?

3:15 pm Pharma DTx Partnerships- Avoiding the Deal Graveyard

  • Ameya Phadke Patient Non Pharma Solutions Leader, Chiesi Group


• Deep diving into key considerations for pharmas looking to partner with DTx companies and vice versa
• Discussing tactical mistakes made by pharma and DTx companies respectively to avoid pitfalls and turn into actionable steps when entering partnerships
• Delving into the nature of pharma-DTx relationships and exploring the benefits for both parties

3:45 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Summit

  • Anouk Veldman Global Commercial & Digital Health Lead, AstraZeneca