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ConsenSys Health is creating the next generation of critical infrastructure for healthcare and life science. Their Elevated ComputeTM platform leverages new technologies – decentralized AI, blockchain and confidential computing – towards a future of federated health data.

A founding member of the non-profit Decentralized Trials & Research Alliance, ConsenSys Health is focused first on clinical trials matching, e-consent, and precision medicine applications. They have partnered with advocacy groups to prioritize enhanced wellbeing of veterans and underserved populations. More at

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Curebase is reinventing decentralized clinical trials to help the vast majority of potential patients that currently cannot access clinical research. Curebase’s vision is that any patient, no matter where they are located, should be able to participate in clinical trials at home and with their own doctors. This is made possible through a unique suite of tools, including all-in-one eClinical software and virtual research sites, designed to engage patients in clinical trials across all settings, be it at home, at their local clinic, or other places in their community.

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