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The Clinically Validated DTx Summit is the only conversation tailor-made for robustly validated and evidence-based digital therapeutics.

Built for digital therapeutic trailblazers, pharma digital innovators and healthcare pioneers, you can join a completely aligned team of leaders to advance the translation, integration and commercialization of clinically evaluated digital therapeutics.

Download the full event guide to get access to:

  • Full expert speaker line-up, including the likes of Novartis, Click Therapeutics and Digital Therapeutics Alliance
  • Scientifically stringent themes and presentations
  • Full program timings to better structure your day of talks, breakout sessions and interactive panel discussions
  • Break down of anticipated audience demographics to see who will be in the room with you
  • Partnership and collaboration opportunities for further exposure and participation in this year’s summit

With the digital therapeutics field quickly evolving, make sure you’re keeping up and download your program to see how the likes of Akili, Propeller Health, Click Therapeutics and Novartis are combatting challenges across clinical trials, data safety, clinical integration and more.

To radically improve your DTx design and delivery, check out the full program below.

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Featured Speakers