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Why you should attend the 4th Commercializing Clinically Validated Digital Therapeutics & Agenda Highlights

What’s on?

On top of last year’s 2-day format, the 4th Commercializing Clinically Validated DTx is holding an unmissable pre-conference workshop day. The two deep dives will focus on reimbursement model for DTx and how it really works, and tackling the patient engagement conundrum led by seasoned experts in this area. Join us in this unique workshop day to engage in more in-depth discussions and leave with tangible takeaways.

What’s New in 2021?

Beyond clinical validation, the industry must act now to strengthen stakeholder engagement and partnerships to achieve scalability and commercialization.

The 4th Clinically Validated Digital Therapeutics Summit, designed with Roche, Cognito Therapeutics, Wellthy Therapeutics and many others, will return this December to: 


Reflect on the disruptive pandemic year, and how this has revolutionize DTxadoption and the industry can ensure this is sustainable in the long-term for patients 

Assess a fit-for-purpose pricing system for DTx, and how to demonstrate value to payors and patients 

Evaluate how the ecosystem will evolve to maximize market access for best positioning of your DTx  

Dissect how DTx can add value to patients’ usability, clinical outcomes and adherence by creating engaging DTx that are 'sticky' and clinically effective

Clarify regulatory pathways across the globe for smooth regulatory approvals 

Explore a novel, scalable platform strategy to ensure a sustainable DTx product with the backing of investors and hospital networks  

Discuss the importance of engaging your physicians and clinicians early on, to gain support and help best position your DTx into the clinical workflow for better patient uptake

Download the event guide here to learn about the insights that will be discussed

What you will gain from attending the 4th Commercializing Clinically Validated Digital Therapeutics Summit…

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Networking: network one-to-one with industry leaders prioritizing the challenges of reimbursement & pricing, market access, ROI, establishing regulatory frameworks, utilizing RWE, patient usability & product development to understand their work to accelerate successful commercialization of your DTx.

Tangible Takeaways: hear first-hand from leading experts on mechanisms of action and success stories and lessons learned to enable you to benchmark your decisions against the actions of others and conquer challenges before you face them.

Discover: discover and discuss novels approaches and methods of market access, patient adoption and commercialization models by interacting with a variety of leaders in the field, igniting & brainstorming new ideas for your DTx.