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With a massive increase in the adoption of devices, changing consumer preferences and increasing healthcare burden for many chronic diseases, digital therapeutics provide a novel and effective way of preventing and treating some of the world’s most medically unmet conditions.

As DTx developers pave the way to making digital therapeutics a clinical reality, it’s no surprise that the interest from pharmaceutical companies is skyrocketing to collaborate in the next big category for therapeutic development. Furthermore, developments in reimbursement and regulatory guidelines proves the perception of digital therapeutics as something to be taken seriously.

Rapid developments in the field come with deep challenges, from navigating the regulatory landscape and demonstrating robust validation to successfully integrating these products into the day-to-day lives of physicians and complex healthcare workflows.

Built with leading industry, clinical and regulatory insight, the meeting covers four key pillars for successfully translating, integrating and commercializing digital therapeutics:

  • Robust clinical trial development and execution
  • Regulatory pathways and approvals
  • Strategies to demonstrate value for reimbursement
  • Integration into the clinic

Attend the Clinically Validated Digital Therapeutics Summit 2019 to hear from pharma, digital innovators, clinical leaders and DTx pioneers as they guide you, step-by-step, through the process of developing and delivering robustly validated digital therapeutics to market.